When does the season start and end?
Our season begins with Opening Day on April 14th and ends usually before Father's Day Weekend in June, but rainouts sometimes change that.

What equipment does my child need?
T-Ball – Black Pants, Glove, Cleats are allowed but not necessary, Boys should have an athletic supporter.
Baseball (Majors and younger) - Black Pants, cleats (no metal spikes), Glove, Boys must have an athletic supporter.
Baseball (Intermediate 50/70, Jr’s & Sr’s) - Black Pants, cleats (metal spikes are acceptable), Glove, Boys must have an athletic supporter.
Softball – Black Pants, Cleats (no metal spikes, with the exception of Senior Girls), Glove.  All helmets must have a face mask. Fielding face masks are also highly recommended.
All Divisions – it is not mandatory to have your own helmet but it is highly recommended.

How can I find out more?
    You can email us at levittownunited@gmail.com or come to one of our two canteen sites and speak with someone.  If you have a question that has you really worried please feel free to reply to this email or reach out to Rick directly by emailing him at rcpalmer02@gmail.com.